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High penetrating yellow aliphatic glue for close fitting pre-assembled joints. Drys fast and bonds wood, foam and plastic. Waterproof when set and produces tougher joints than superglue.

High tack for fast building. Strong hold, allows adjustment. Flexible, clear, strong when dry. Perfect for all foam types, white, blue, EPP etc. Also for wood, plastic to foam.

Spray glue for the attachment of scenic materials, eg. scatter to trees or baseboards etc. Non-staining. Dries clear and tacky. Gentle spray action.

Humbrol Enamel Paint 14ml Collection
Colour: 1. Grey PrimerColour: 2. EmeraldColour: 3. Brunswick GreenColour: 10. Service Brown
Colour: 11. SilverColour: 12. CopperColour: 14. French BlueColour: 15. Midnight Blue
Colour: 16. GoldColour: 18. OrangeColour: 19. Bright RedColour: 20. Crimson
Colour: 21. BlackColour: 22. WhiteColour: 23. Duck Egg BlueColour: 24. Trainer Yellow
Colour: 25. BlueColour: 26. KhakiColour: 27. Sea GreyColour: 29. Dark Earth
Colour: 30. Dark GreenColour: 31. Slate GreyColour: 32. Dark GreyColour: 33. Black
Colour: 34. WhiteColour: 38. LimeColour: 40. Pale GreyColour: 41. Ivory
Colour: 47. Sea BlueColour: 53. GunmetalColour: 56. AluminiumColour: 60. Scarlet
Colour: 61. FleshColour: 62. LeatherColour: 63. SandColour: 64. Light Grey
Colour: 65. Aircraft BlueColour: 66. Olive DrabColour: 69. YellowColour: 70. Brick Red
Colour: 71. OakColour: 75. Bronze GreenColour: 78. Cockpit GreenColour: 79. Blue Grey
Colour: 80. Grass GreenColour: 85. Coal BlackColour: 86. Light OliveColour: 87. Steel Grey
Colour: 88. Deck GreenColour: 90. Beige GreenColour: 91. Black GreenColour: 93. Desert Yellow
Colour: 96. RAF BlueColour: 99. LemonColour: 102. Army GreenColour: 103. Cream
Colour: 104. Oxford BlueColour: 106. Ocean GreyColour: 110. Natural WoodColour: 113. Rust
Colour: 116. US Dark GreenColour: 117. US Light GreenColour: 118. US TanColour: 119. Light Earth
Colour: 121. Pale StoneColour: 123. Extra Dark Sea GreyColour: 125. US Dark GreyColour: 127. US Ghost Grey
Colour: 128. US Compass GreyColour: 129. US Gull GreyColour: 130. WhiteColour: 154. Insignia Yellow
Colour: 155. Olive DrabColour: 163. Dark GreenColour: 164. Dark Sea GreyColour: 165. Medium Sea Grey
Colour: 166. Light AircraftColour: 168. HempColour: 171. Antique BronzeColour: 174. Signal Red
Colour: 186. BrownColour: 191. Chrome SilverColour: 209. Fire OrangeColour: 222. Moonlight Blue
Colour: 224. Dark Slate GreyColour: 225. Middle StoneColour: 226. Interior GreenColour: 230. PRU Blue
Colour: 238. Arrow RedColour: 7. Light Buff GlossColour: 35. Varnish GlossColour: 49. Varnish Matt
Colour: 133. Brown SatinColour: 135. Varnish Satin

Humbrol Enamel Paint 14ml Collection

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Model:  AA0655
Brand:  Humbrol

A solvent-based, fast-dry paint developed for use on plastic model kits but which can also be used on other substrates. Matt, Satin, Gloss, Metallic, Metalcote and Clear finishes are available (finish varies by colour)

A wide range of surfaces including most plastics, wood, glass, ceramics, metal, cardboard, sealed plaster, sealed hardboard and more (always try on a small test area to check suitability)

14ml tin covers approx. 0.3mē depending on thickness of application

Brush straight from the tin. Airbrush with a suitable thinner such as Humbrol Enamel Thinners. Two thin coats are preferable to one thick coat. The usual thinning ratio is 2 parts paint to 1 part thinner. Note that Metalcote colours are designed to be polished when fully dry.

Drying time
Gloss: 1-2 hours
Matt & Satin: 20-40 mins touch dry, up to 24 hours for hard dry
Metallics: hard dry in approx. 10 days. Drying times will vary according to ambient temperature and humidity. Recoat: 6 hours minimum (preferably overnight)

How to clean:
Brushes: use Humbrol Enamel Thinners
Airbrush: flush thoroughly using Humbrol Enamel Thinners. Product is permanent once dry.

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