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These buffer stop lights offer a quick and simple option to add lighting to your sidings. Ideal for terminus stations, goods yards and modern locomotive depots.

Tacky Wax is used for positioning figures. It is not a glue but a sticky wax solution.

With N Scale modelling becoming more popular by the year, we felt the time was right to introduce our own range of colour light signals.

Kato N Gauge 23-215 Diotown Telegraph Poles and Street Lights

Kato N Gauge 23-215 Diotown Telegraph Poles and Street Lights

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Model:  23-215
Brand:  Kato

23-215 Telephone pole and street light ? What is DioTown (Geotown) ... “Geotown” is a series name of KATO's N gauge total layout system representing Diorama + Town (Town), which has been well received since it was released with easy handling and realistic details. This is a new layout series that has been systematized as an item that directs various layouts, including the “multiple track plate line series”. The expandable road plate can be connected as well as unitrack, and can easily reproduce realistic scenes that were difficult to achieve with conventional floor layouts. Main features ? Accessories are items that reproduce realistic cityscapes by adding to any layout, including GeoTown series, fixed type and assembly type. ? The guardrail (five types) road fences (three types) have different lengths. ? There are traffic lights for pedestrians only, vehicles only, pedestrians and vehicles shared, and it is possible to select and assemble the direction of the signal depending on the use application and the presence or absence of auxiliary lights for vehicles. ? Direction board can select direction and direction board, expressway guide board by selecting seal. ? There are 3 types of utility poles, with streetlights, 1 transformer, and 2 transformers. ? The street light is set to 1 light or 2 light. ? Guardrail · Guardrail ··· 48 (5 types) · Road fence · · · 24 (3 types) · Signal · Direction board · Traffic light · · · 18 (3 types) · Pedestrian signal · · · 6 Direction board (Guide sign) ... 4 · Seal · · · 1 Power pole · street light · power pole · · 16 (3 types) · street light · · · 30 (2 types) ? bus stop · bus stop ... 2 · taxi taxi ... 2

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