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1.2mm Tin/Lead K60/40

Brand: Deluxe Materials
Part Number: AC-18
Scale / Type: Z / N / TT / HO / OO / O / Gauge 1 / G / Slot Cars / Wargaming

Tacky Wax is used for positioning figures. It is not a glue but a sticky wax solution.

ModelMaker Helping Hands & Magnifer

ModelMaker Helping Hands & Magnifer

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Model:  MM001
Brand:  Bachmann

Holds objects at any angle to leave both hands free
Heavy base to avoid tipping
Ball joint for easy adjustment
x2 Magnification

The ModelMaker Helping Hands & Magnifier is a useful and versatile device ideal for holding items in position during assembly, soldering, painting and more. It can help reduce eye strains and make precision & miniature work much easier. There are several other items in our range that will be perfect for everyday use in assembling, modelling and craft.

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