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4 ft in length

This pack contains size 00, 1, 4 and 8 Humbrol Coloro Brushes.

1.2mm Tin/Lead K60/40

ModelMaker Tweezer Set, 4 piece

ModelMaker Tweezer Set, 4 piece

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Model:  MM005
Brand:  Bachmann

Self locking needle point
Angle point
Straight point
Flat point

Miniature and microscopic parts & components can be difficult to pick, hold and place. Tweezers aid accurate and delicate handling with ease. Whether you require pointed, sharp or blunt tips, normal or reverse action, anti-magnetic, long or short, our range includes models suitable for virtually all applications. This is a selection of the 4 most popular stainless steel tweezers. The set includes self-locking needle point, angle point, straight point and flat point, perfect for accurate & controlled picking.

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